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Current USDA Loan Rate Details

The current usda loan usda loan rate is 3.74% with 4.13% APR. . That is up from last weeks rate which was % with an % APR.

The chart and table provide extended details on the USDA Loan usda loan rate over the last three months. The chart plots the usda loan usda loan rate and apr with points for each rate adjustment while the table lays out the average rate, points and apr by day.

RATE DISCLAIMER: Mortgage rate data is based on several custom and third party mortgage data sources on top of proprietary algorithms. Although we take significant steps to ensure integrity; rate data comes with no warranty for accuracy or applicability. Interest rate data is updated weekly.

Selected Rates:   USDA Loan USDA Loan Rates
Rate Date Rate APR
May, 23 2017 3.74 4.13
May, 04 2017 3.74 4.13
April, 27 2017 3.75 4.14
April, 20 2017 3.69 4.08
April, 13 2017 3.80 4.19
April, 06 2017 3.82 4.21
March, 30 2017 3.86 4.25
March, 23 2017 3.95 4.34
March, 16 2017 4.02 4.41
March, 09 2017 3.93 4.32
March, 02 2017 3.82 4.21
February, 23 2017 3.88 4.27
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