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What Is Lendasaurus

A free online marketplace where borrowers receive ongoing targeted offers on existing and new loans. No direct lenders and no preferred lenders ensure you find the best loan rates.

  • Free for borrowers and lenders to connect.
  • Impartial with no direct or preferred lenders.
  • Secure spam free applications and monitoring.

What People Are Saying

"It's nice to know I can get $3,250 with a car title loan if I ever have an emergency."

"It was great not having to speak with several lenders to find the best rate, the lenders battled it out online and I won!"

Behind The Login

What to know how things look before you register? Check out these screen shots and details about what's in store for you!


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The threat is usually enough to get better rates but don't stop there!

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Online Loans With Protection

Lendasaurus is dedicated to assisting consumers find the best rates and terms by providing a secure online system for lenders to reach borrowers. No preferred or direct lenders ensure they are always competing for your business by allowing fair access to all lenders. When you let Lendasaurus monitor your borrowing you will get the big picture of your borrowing power that a simple credit report can not provide.

There's More To Lendasaurus Than Just Monitoring

Loan Calculators

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Nine loan calculators to calculate any loan scenario.

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Impartial loan guides that get to the point.

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Pre-Qualify and compare rates with several lenders

Loan F.A.Q.

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You have loan questions, we have loan answers.

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Important mortgage news from national sources.

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Search thousands of direct lender profiles.

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